so, it's been awhile... a long long while. I (s, the best) did give people fair warning that we were going through tough shit and guess what? We still are. It's not our relationship by any means, we're rock solid (can I get an up top!) but right now it's what we have to go through individually to make us a couple (seriously, gag.... couple shit is disgusting).

All I'm asking is that you can BEAR with us
get it, bear muah hahaha (not sorry for that! I love puns and I know what you're all thinking, OMG! they have a pet bear! and yes you're right! She just lives at the local zoo)

So to not leave you guys hanging (if people indeed read this) basically its like Peeta and Katniss in The Hunger Games. Minus the killing and one sided love, okay maybe The Hunger Games was a bad example. However, right now I feel like the world is telling both of us 'May the odds be ever in your favor.' We can't be the only ones right? Where you're in a great relationship and you know the other person is going no where but it seems almost impossible to have the relationship you both want due to outside factors.

We do really well at not bringing personal 'speed bumps' into our relationship and focus on loving each other daily (double gag, sorry). We try to roll with the punches but it just seems to keep coming wave after wave. In all honesty, the only thing that makes it all worth the waves is that we're sitting in a boat together just praying to drift to land or somewhere safe.

I don't know, blah, all I can say is that we're both fighting for each other and I know that we can't be the only ones out there, so lay down your feed back, advice, rants. We'll take it all because I know we can't be alone.


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  1. Hello there lady!
    Nice new layout, haha.
    Hope you are doing fine :)